About Me

At the moment, I would describe myself as a front-end developer, but I have experience in back-end, desktop, mobile and embedded development.

I’ve been writing software for more than two decades and I’ve developed manufacturing, geospatial and financial applications.

I’m a user of and an advocate for open-source software and I’m a member of the RxJS core team. I’ve also contributed to several other open-source packages, most notably to AngularFire2 and tsify — a package that I now maintain.

I’ve authored a number of JavaScript/TypeScript packages. Some are focused on simplifying testing for projects that use TypeScript, RxJS or Firebase; others are developer tools or libraries of reusable code.

In 2017, I started writing articles on Medium. My initial articles dealt with the RxJS tools I’d authored; my subsequent articles showed how RxJS could be used to solve particular problems, documented my experiences of testing RxJS-based applications and explained some of the less-well-known concepts in RxJS.

Writing is something I enjoy and providing simple, clear explanations for seemingly complicated topics is something I relish.

I no longer publish articles on Medium. Instead, they're published here — on my personal blog. If the topics interest you, subscribe to my newsletter — or follow me on Twitter — to be notified of new articles.