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May 22, 2020 • 2 minute read

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Something we’ve spoken about a couple of times, at RxJS core-team meetings, is creating some sort of site on which community-authored — i.e. user-land — RxJS-related packages can be listed.

The primary reason for this is that we occasionally have to reject feature requests for new APIs, as the core RxJS API is already large and imposing. Such rejections usually take the form of suggesting the creation of a user-land package, so that the feature’s utility and popularity can be gauged before considering its inclusion in the core.

Hopefully, if there’s a site upon which such user-land packages can be listed — and can be made a little more visible — these rejections will be a little less disappointing.

For some reason, I felt like creating the site, this morning, so it’s now done.

I’ve repurposed the Gastby source for my blog — the one you’re reading now — so that it presents a listing of packages — with links to GitHub and npm — rather than a chronological list of blog articles.

The site is: rxjs.xyz

At the moment, it’s pretty basic. It’s just a list of packages — from people I know and a couple of mine. However, I’m adding a full-text search feature to this blog and when that’s done, I’ll add it to rxjs.xyz, too.

If you have an RxJS-related, user-land package and you want it listed, have a look at the CONTRIBUTING.md in the repo and open a PR.

And if you’re wondering why I chose the .xyz TLD, well … I bought it a while ago ‘cause those domains were on sale for something like a buck. I figured I’d eventually find a use for it. And this seems like an okay fit.

Now I just have to find a use for all of the other domains I have. 😅

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